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Burgundy red flower spike and burgundy foliage of Amaranthus Red Velvet
  • Amaranthus cruentus 'Velvet Curtains'

    Red Amaranth


    Red amaranth is a summer annual that is suitable for containers. 'Velvet Curtains' is a variety with burgundy leaves and flowers. Blooms quite early.


    Sow in January-February. Seed lightly covered and kept at room temperature until germination. Germination after 2-3 weeks at 20°C.


    50+ seeds per pack


    Did very well in the summer of 2022 despite cold and wet weather and bloomed early. The plants grow much shorter than in warmer climates, but are a really nice addition to flower containers. Flowers and leaves almost the same deep burgundy color.

      VAT Included

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