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Lewisia cotyledon Pink-Orange
  • Lewisia cotyledon Pink-Orange

    Siskiyou Lewisia


    Siskiyou Lewisia is a rock garden plant that thrives best in a sunny location in gravelly, well-drained soil. Where snowcover is not dependable during the winter, it is best to grow it in pots and store them where they are sheltered from rain.


    'Pink-Orange' is a color mixture from Jelitto in a wide color scale of orange and pink tones.


    Sowing time: November-February. Seeds need cold treatment to germinate well. The germination rate at room temperature is quite low. Seed is lightly covered and it is best to keep seed pots outside in a greenhouse or cold frame until spring. The seed then germinates when it gets warmer. If you don't have a greenhouse, you can either keep the seed pots outside until spring and then bring them inside, or put the seeds in the refrigerator for 4-6 weeks.


    20 seeds per packet


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