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Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'

Japanese Sedge

Sedge family



small, approx. 20 - 30 cm

Flower color

brown, cream

Inflorence type


Flowering time

May - June

Leaf colour

white variegated

Sun exposure

sun - partial shade


well drained, moist


acid - neutral - alkaline


needs good growing conditions

Native range

garden variety, the species is native to Japan

Sedges, Carex, is the largest genus of the sedge family, Cyperaceae, with around 2000 species. Most grow in moist soil, although with some exceptions. The genus has a wide global distribution that includes all continents, with the largest number of species in arctic and temperate regions.


Division in spring or fall.

A sedge that crows in a low, compact clump with white variegated foliage. The leaves are semi-evergreen. It's best to prune the withered foliage in early spring before new growth emerges. Grows best in partial shade.

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