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Chartreuse variegated grass, Alopecurus pratensis 'Aureovariegatus'
Alopecurus - Foxtail Grasses

Alopecurus, foxtail grasses, is a genus in the grass family, Poaceae. Their common trait is a dense, cylindrical inflorescense that resembles a foxtail and hence the name. Around 25 species with distribution around temperate regions in the northern hemisphere belong to the genus and some of those species are used as fodder grasses in agriculture.


White variegated grass, Arrhenatherum ealius ssp. bulbosum 'Variegatum'
Arrhenatherum - Oatgrass

Oatgrass, Arrhenatherum, is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with a distribution around Eurasia and N-Africa. A few species are cultivated as fodder grass and at least one species as an ornamental grass in gardens.

Ornamental grass Calamagrostis 'Overdam' with white variegated foliage
Calamagrostis - Reedgrass

Reedgrass, Calamagrostis, is a fairly large genus of around 250 species in the grass family, Poaceae. They are tall plants with a long inflorescence with a wide distribution around temperate regions and mountainous areas of the tropics. A number of species are cultivated as ornamental grasses in gardens, among them the most popular ornamental grass variety in the world, 'Karl Foerster'.

Carex with white variegated foliage
Carex - Sedges

Sedges, Carex, is the largest genus of the sedge family, Cyperaceae, with around 2000 species. Most grow in moist soil, although with some exceptions. The genus has a wide global distribution that includes all continents, with the largest number of species in arctic and temperate regions.

Blue-gray grass, Elymus glaucus
Elymus - Wildrye 

Elymus, wild rye, is a fairly large genus with around 150 species in the grass family, Poaceae, with a global distribution.  A few species are cultivated as ornamental garden plants, but one species, couch grass (Elymus repens) is a weed no one wants in their garden.  

A tuft of Festuca 'Compact Blue'
Festuca - Fescues

Fescues, Festuca, is a fairly large genus of around 400 - 500 species in the grass family, Poaceae, with a global distribution.  Many species are small and delicate, but the genus also includes very tall species that can reach 2 meters in height. Some fescue varieties are used in seed blends for lawns as they form a very dense, fine turf,  

Chartreuse variegated ornamental grass, Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'

Hakonechloa is a genus in the grass family, Poaceae, with only one species native to Japan. It is shade tolerant and many garden varieties are in cultivation.

Silky pink ornamental grass, Hordeum jubatum
Hordeum - Barleys

The genus Hordeum, barleys, is a genus of annual and perennial species in the grass family, Poaceae, with a distribution in the northern hemisphere. Hordeum vulgare, barley, is an important food grain cultivated around the world, including in Iceland. At least one species is grown as an ornamental garden plant.

Ornamental grass Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'
Imperata - Satintails

Imperata, satintails, is a genus of around 10 species that are widely distributed throughout tropical and subtropical regions. They have silky haired inflorescences and at least one species is a very popular ornamental plant in gardens.

Ornamental grass with blue-green foliage, Koeleria glauca

Koeleria is a widespread genus in the grass family, Poaceae, distributed through all continents apart from Antarctica. Recently the genus has shrunk considerably as hundreds of species have been moved to other genera leaving less than 50 in the Koeleria genus. Some species are cultivated as ornamental plants. .

Luzula sylvatica 'Solar Flare' with chartreuse, grass like foliage

Luzula is a fairly large genus in the rush family, Juncaceae, with a global distribution with the greatest number of species growing in temperate, arctic and alpine regions. A few small species are native to Iceland. 

Milium effusum 'Aureum', ornamental grass with chartreuse foliage
Milium - Milletgrass

Milium is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, distributed in the northern hemisphere. It was much larger, but a number of species formerly belonging to this genus have been moved to other genera.

Molinia caerulea 'Dauerstrahl' ornamental grass with upright, green foliage
Molinia - Moor grasses

Molinia, moor grasses, is a small genus in the grass family, Poaceae, that now only includes two species as other species have been moved to other genera. One species,  (M. caerulea) is native to many areas in Eurasia, the other (M. japonica) is native to Japan and Korea. 

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