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Close up of coral red sweet pea flowers, Lathyrus Nightingale

Lathyrus odoratus 'Nightingale'

Sweet Peas


Sweet peas are annual climbing plants that can grow up shrubs, trellises or anything they can get a hold of. They bloom large, often very fragrant flowers, in most colors except yellow. Can reach a height of over 2 m.


'Nightingale' blooms coral pink flowers.


Sow in March - April. Seeds soaked in warm water for 24 hours. before it is sown. Cover the seeds and keep at room temperature until germination. Germination can be expected after 2 weeks at 15-18°C. It is best to sow 5-6 seeds in a sowing box and then transplant the entire clump into a 2 l pot. Sweet pea seedlings do not grow well at room temperature, it is best if the temperature is below 15°C.


10 seeds per packet

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