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perennial plants

Perennial plants are herbaceous plants which die back to the ground during winter and grow back in spring. Some can be left undisturbed for years while others need to be divided every few years to maintain their vigour. You can find a perennial plant for any situation, whether it's a stone wall or a shady corner. Some are grown for their flower displays, others for their beautiful foliage. Evergreen perennials and half-shrubs are included in this category.


Paeonia latifolia 'Dutchess de Nymph'
Paeonia - Paeonies

Paeonia is the only genus of the family Paeoniaceae.  They are native to Asia, S-Europe and western N-America. Most are perennials, but a few are shrubs that can reach 3 m in height. Their flowers are large and colourful and a great number of cultivars are grown in gardens. 

Papaver 'Pizzicato'
Papaver - Poppies

Papaver is a genus of around 100 species in the poppy family, Papaveraceae, native to Eurasia and a few native to N-America. They are drought tolerant plants with a long taproot that prefer full sun.  ​


White lily flowers of Paradisea

Paradisea, is a genus of two species in the family Asparagaceae, which are both native to S-Europe. 


Penstemon fruticosus
Penstemon - Beardtongues

Penstemon is a genus in the family Plantaginaceae.  It is a large genus native to N-America. They are usually low growing herbaceous plants or sub-shrubs with irregularly shaped flowers. They prefer full sun and many are well suited to rock gardens. 


Phlox subulata

Phlox is a genus in the family Polemoniaceae.  All species except one are native to N-America and grow in various habitats. 


Phyteum scheutzeri
Phyteuma - Rampion

Phyteuma is a genus in the bluebell family, Campanulaceae, native to mountains in Central-Europe, many in the Alps. 


Polemonium carneum x caeruleum
Polemonium - Jacob's ladder

Polemonium is a genus in the Polemoniaceae family. All species are native to temperate regions in the northern hemisphere, except one species that grows in the southern Andes. 


Polygonatum multiflorum
Polygonatum - Solomon's seal

Polygonatum is a genus in the family Asparagaceae. Species of the genus are distributed around temperate regions in the northern hemisphere, the majority in Asia. They are woodland plants that grow best in shade. 


Potentilla argyrophilla
Potentilla - Cinquefoils

Potentilla is a large genus in the rose family, Rosaceae, distributed around the northern hemisphere. Most species have yellow flowers, but a few bloom white, pink or red flowers. They grow best in full sun if fairly dry, poor soil. 


Primula amoena
Primula - Primroses

Primula, is a very large genus of around 500 species in the primrose family, Primulaceae. The genus has a wide distribution, but the majority, about half the species, are native to the Himalayas. They grow in varied habitats, some are excellent rock garden plants, while others thrive in deep, fertile soil in semi-shade. The majority is not drought tolerant. 

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Mrs. Moon'
Pulmonaria - Lungwort

Pulmonaria is a genus in the family Boraginaceae, native to Europe and western Asia. They are spring flowering, shade tolerant woodland plants. 

Pulsatilla vulgaris
Pulsatilla - Pasqueflowers

Pulsatilla is a genus in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae, native to meadows and prairies in N-America, Europe and Asia. They are toxic, like many other plants in the buttercup family  


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